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Premium Choc 11
Satro Premium Choc 11 is a high-quality chocolate drink based on milk, milk components and the finest cocoa powder for a full-bodied taste.
Satro Quality Drinks
Le Royal Choco Green 9.5%
Le Royal Choco Green is a mild and creamy hot chocolate drink with 9.5% cocoa for a harmonious taste and creamy mouthfeel. This tasty chocolate beverage is agglomerated for excellent performance in vending machines.
Le Royal

A classic and creamy chocolate drink, combining the taste of milk and cocoa with a harmonious sweetness in every cup.

Van Houten
Premium Choc 03
Satro Premium Choc 03 offers customers a creamy, slightly sweet taste of milk, milk component and the finest cocoa powder for a deliciously rich taste.
Satro Quality Drinks

Caprimo Green is here to offer a purer taste than any other cocoa. Treat your customers to a well-balanced, velvety, and smooth mouthfeel. Straight from your vending machine.


VH2 combines the taste of chocolate with the smoothness and foam of real milk. Experience a creamy taste sensation that will delight all chocolate lovers from the very first sip.

Van Houten
Fair Choc
Satro Fair Choc is a delicious hot chocolate beverage made from fair traded ingredients.
Satro Quality Drinks

Caprimo Purple is full of intense creaminess and milk, with just a dash of sweet vanilla. Say hello to your new favourite milk chocolate drink. 


Caprimo Mint is the perfect combo of cocoa and mint. Warm, yet fresh. Enjoy the best of both worlds in a deliciously hot cup straight from your vending machine.

VH FT Choco

A harmonious combination of Fairtrade cocoa powder and our specially selected Fairtrade sugar. This is a smooth and full-bodied chocolate drink. With the Fairtrade/Max Havelaar mark you receive the independent guarantee that this chocolate drink is in accordance with international Fairtrade standards.

Van Houten
Premium Choc 14
Satro Premium Choc 14 offers a lovely hot chocolate with a sweet, creamy, well-rounded flavour with hints of cocoa. It's based on milk, milk components and the finest cocoa powder.
Satro Quality Drinks
VH Fairtrade Choco Drink 10 x 25 g

Enjoy a fairer chocolate drink. Van Houten Fairtrade Choco Drink combines pure Fairtrade certified cocoa powder with a smooth and full-bodied milk chocolate taste. The result is a drink that is good for you, and good for the planet.

Van Houten

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