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Trends & Insights for confectionery

5 examples of plant-based chocolate confectionery

Key Trends

Caramel in confectionery

2 power tips to fall in love with caramel in Confectionery

Take this opportunity to look into exciting ways of bringing caramel to your confectionery products in a delightful way.

Organic confectionery

Organic, a key claim in chocolate confectionery

You can’t have missed the growth in the organic offering in recent years. Find out how chocolate confectionery is impacted and how you can leverage the trend.

Sugar reduction confectionery

3 ways to reduce sugar in chocolate and market it

While government bodies are taking action against it, consumers are more and more aware of their sugar intake. Discover 3 ways to reduce sugar in confectionery, illustrated with in-market examples.

Your must have products

  • Caramel Doré

    Discover the mellow and deeply satisfying Caramel Doré, our premium Belgian caramelized chocolate. Combining chocolate creaminess and deep rich caramel flavors, Caramel Doré will surprise you with a tantalizing golden color and hints of biscuit and salt. Indulge in a divine caramel experience!

    • Range
    • Fluidity
    • Min. % Dry cocoa solids
    • Min. % Dry milk solids
    Delicious red biscuits crushed into small bits and pieces. Also known as ‘pailleté feuilletine’ and ‘brisures de crêpe dentelle’, biscuit crunch allows you to add a crispy texture to all your confectionery, pastries and desserts.
    Meringue from a traditional Italian recipe, a real feather light delicacy.These small size granules are easy to sprinkle and have a good cocoa flavor.
  • Milk chocolate 1% added sugar only

    Delicious milk chocolate rich in fibre and made with only 1% added sugar. The rest of sugar has been replaced by chicory root fibre (oligofructose). This recipe is unique to Barry Callebaut!

    • Range
    • Fluidity
    • Cocoa intensity
    • Min. % Dry cocoa solids
  • Tintoretto White

    Tintoretto white filling, the perfect smooth confectionery or after baking biscuit filling. Can be used as such or flavored with other ingredients. Without hydrogenated fats.

    • Range
    • Fineness
    • Melting profile
    • Texture
  • Dark chocolate Madagascar

    This Chocolate with its origin in Madagascar has a intense cocoa taste, notes of raspberries, juniper berries, apricot and bananas.

    • Range
    • Fluidity
    • Cocoa intensity
    • Min. % Dry cocoa solids

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