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Cocoa Filling Sauce

A intense dark brown chocolate saucewith cocoa flavor.

Centre Butter Toffee

Yellowish brown butter toffee center.

Milk Chocolate Filling

Milk chocolate center with a soft light brown color.

Cocoa & Orange

This milk chocolate center has sweet orange notes and a medium brown color.

Centre Vanilla Flavored Filling

A light yellow center with an intense vanilla taste.

Brownie Bar

An intense dark brown brownie caramel bar filling.

Toffee Filling With Cocoa

A dark brown and creamy chocolate caramel filling perfect for ice cream applications.

Centre Toffee Filling

A light brown Toffee center that has a burnt, salty, sweet flavor.

Raspberry Centre

A raspberry flavored centrefilling.


An intense orange revel filling with orange pulp for a multisensorial experience.

Curd Ripple With Lemon Taste

A creamy and yellow lemon curd ripple.

Cocoa & Mint

A medium brown cocoa center with fresh mint taste.

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