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Gianduja Milk

Gianduja filling, a combination of luscious milk chocolate and perfectly roasted hazelnuts.

Gianduja dark

Gianduja dark filling, a combination of intense dark chocolate and perfectly roasted hazelnuts.

Organic Hazelnut Filling

Made with medium-roasted organic hazelnuts of Mediterranean origin, this bakestable filling brings an intense nutty taste thanks to its high nut content (16%). Because all the ingredients are refined together, its taste and smoothness is unrivalled. Can be Fair trade.


Nut filling with an intense cacao flavor, pleasant aroma of nuts and well balanced sweetness.

Strong roast Almond praliné 50%

Strong roast almond praliné with an intense nut flavor. Freshly-cracked almonds are strong roasted and ground with caramelized sugar into a smooth praliné with a rich brown color.


Hazelnut filling with a fast melting profile and sustainable palm certified. Without hydrogenated fats.

Bakestable Almond filling

A soft and smooth bakestable nut filling, with notes of roasted almonds resulting in a round nutty taste. Exceptional properties in open applications. 16.1% nut content.


Filling with a hazelnut touch based on non-hydrogenated smooth melting fats. Sustainable palm certified.

Bakestable Hazelnut filling

A firm bakestable nut filling, with a delicious cocoa taste and subtle touch of hazelnut. 3% nut content

Almond/Hazelnut praliné

Delicious almond and hazelnut praliné with an intense nut flavor. A velvety combination of the freshest almonds and hazelnuts, this medium roasted, 50% praline is tinted vibrant gold. With a balanced, depth of flavor, and a smooth finish.


Sweet filling with a hazelnut touch and a smooth melting profile. Without hydrogenated fats.

Hazelnut Filling

Smooth and creamy nut filling for bakery and biscuit applications. This filling has a great balanced sweetness coco and nut taste.

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