Here are the winners of the Value Awards 2022!

Value Awards 2022 Barry Callebaut Barcelona

Here are the winners of the Value Awards 2022!

This year saw the Value Awards being presented at the Casa Llotja - one of the most emblematic spaces in the city of Barcelona. The Awards recognize our colleagues who, in the past fiscal year have gone above and beyond their daily activities, living our corporate values and celebrate customer focus, entrepreneurship, team spirit, integrity and passion. Each of our values are powerful in their own right, and together are a solid base and guidance for everything that we do.
The Value Awards are celebrating our five corporate values which bind each and everyone of us together as a team, globally, regardless of where we are located. Each year we celebrate colleagues who have truly stood out in embodying a particular value.
Peter Boone, CEO

Customer Focus

Dhruva Jyoti Sanyal

A true businessman and entrepreneur at heart, this year’s recipient focusses on building business basics and creating a solid customer partnership across businesses together with his team. Despite the pandemic repercussions on the Indian subcontinent, he continues to drive business growth at scale.

Managing Director, India, Dhruva Jyoti Sanyal
Dhruva Jyoti Sanyal, Managing Director, India


Angela Gubser

The second Value Award for entrepreneurship is one of our most distinctive values and this year’s winner is always one step ahead. Unlocking a new sourcing market, being deeply involved in our Farm of the Future, and setting up the supply chain for new product Cabosse Natural were just some of her achievements, alongside opening the most modern buying, cleaning, and drying station in Ecuador. A triple start up to be proud of.

Angela Gubser
Angela Gubser, VP, Pricing and Customer Care, EMEA


Bruno Scarpa

This year’s winner of the award for Passion has our passion for chocolate and cocoa in his blood. Building deep connections with customers, he knows that when it comes to chocolate versus competition, the passion of Barry Callebaut is our key difference. He has also achieved amazing growth of the Gourmet business in South Latam.

Head of Commercial Gourmet South Latam, Bruno Scarpa
Bruno Scarpa, Head of Commercial Gourmet South Latam

Team Spirit

EMEA Wieze Recovery Team

Creating an environment where we can share ideas, work together, and bring out our best selves is at the basis of this award. Having been confronted with our largest crisis in our 26 years history, the Wieze factory team came together to get the factory up and running again after detecting a salmonella positive production lot. Now known as #HeroesofWieze, the team gradually ramped up production after a shutdown to deal with the crisis.

EMEA Wieze Recovery Team Barry Callebaut
EMEA Wieze Recovery Team Barry Callebaut
Luce Van Looke, An Van Assel, Darko Suman, Dijana Bacic, Korneel Warlop, Xavier De Buysscher, Angela Gubser (for Customer Care), Dominique Walch (for Quality), Olivier Philips (for Belgium Sites), Tom Van Echelpoel (for Wieze), Wim Debedts (representing Sales) and Wim Van Houdt (for Supply Chain).


Victoria Gazzo

A strong moral compass for guidance and speaking honestly and with respect in her daily interactions and activities as well as by ensuring people data integrity with 100% digital HR, this year’s Integrity recipient lives our corporate value integrity, and contributes greatly to making Barry Callebaut a better workplace. An open minded, trustworthy member of our global team, she integrates integrity into everything that she does.

VP HR Global Cocoa, Victoria Gazzo
Victoria Gazzo, VP HR Global Cocoa

Lifetime Achievement

Jerry Hagedorn

There was one additional category to this year’s awards – Lifetime Achievement. This value award celebrates a colleague who has been with the company for 30 years and who will soon be enjoying well deserved retirement.

Having started at Brach’s confections, which was taken over by Barry Callebaut in 2003, he has negotiated and/or been part of every outsourcing, acquisition, and partnership agreement that shaped the Americas Region to where it is at today. He also played a pivotal role in the National Confectioners Association (NCA), representing Barry Callebaut in many policy and legal debates. Under his leadership, the confectionary industry reached a settlement on Prop 65, concerning lead and cadmium levels in chocolate. He was inducted into the Candy Hall of Fame in 2019.

Jerry Hagedorn
Jerry Hagedorn, EVP, Business Development Americas

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