Value Award Winners 2017

Barry Callebaut Value Awards 2017 group picture

Value Award Winners 2017

The Value Award recognizes managers and their teams who are willing to go the extra mile, who are putting all their passion into their work and, thus, have made a positive impact on the company in the past fiscal year. The Awards are given for each of Barry Callebaut's five company values: customer focus, passion, entrepreneurship, team spirit and integrity.

On the last evening of this years’ Managers’ Conference, Board member - and also representing our major shareholder - Nicolas Jacobs together with CEO Antoine de Saint-Affrique honored five individuals and a team with a value award. Each of the recipients embodies Barry Callebaut’s 5 company values in an exemplary way.

... for Customer Focus

Barry Callebaut Customer focus

A lot of tasks require a team to get it done. The team who received the 2017 Value Award for Customer Focus has been a rock-star performer for over 5 years with volume growth and Operating Profit (EBIT).

Customer Focus 2017 winners
Customer Focus 2017 winners
Robert Glaessner (Director Marketing & Sales Gourmet Americas), Mike Schrauth (VP & General Manager Gourmet Americas), and Beau Netzer (VP & General Manager Specialties & Decorations Americas). Missing in the picture is Jean-Jacques Berjot (Commercial Director Specialties & Decorations Canada) who unfortunately could not join the ceremony.

... for Passion

Barry Callebaut Passion

The next Value Award recipient has put his mark on Barry Callebaut in a short time through his enormous positive energy and the passion he radiates in everything he takes on. Thanks to his work, customers now know that they can expect to craft, create, and collaborate with Barry Callebaut for inspiring chocolate experiences.

Bas Smit
Bas Smit (Global & European Marketing Director FM)

.. for Entrepreneurship


Our next values award goes to a man who has demonstrated during the course his long career with Barry Callebaut both a lot of passion and lot of entrepreneurship.

This man has been living for many years in an environment where everything is possible, where the next challenge is just around the corner, and where the landscape is changing by the day. He has survived over 10 different French, Swiss, and Belgian ambassador, and many more government changes. They went, he is still around.

Paul de Petter
Paul de Petter

... for Integrity

Barry callebaut Integrity

At the trading desk you juggle with big volumes and ultimately big amounts of money. A deal can go either way. It requires a strong moral compass when chances to lose one’s way are high. It requires the highest ethics and respect of the Barry Callebaut Code of Conduct in the true sense of the word.

Other requirements are clear and balanced communication; a reliable and well thought-through course of action; clear lines and a strong foundation for any deal architecture. Our last Value Award recipient is a man who embodies all these great and important values in an exemplary manner.

Roman Mueggler
Roman Mueggler

...for Team Spirit

Barry callebaut Integrity

The first recipient of the Team Spirit Award we want to celebrate is seen as a rock star by our customers. Aurélie's enthusiasm and expertise are so deep and powerful that everyone wants to have her around. This colleague has already been contributing to the success of Barry Callebaut for a long time, but was so brave three years ago to step into a newly defined role. Mondelez wanted even more special attention and they wanted to have one of our key R&D talents to look after their interests.

The second recipient of the Team Spirit Award is drawing support from across the entire organization. Elie has been with our company for more than ten years. He has – as every one of us - a demanding day job, but is also known for something else: as a talent breeder and as a team builder.

As a leader, he invests into diverse people and organizational structures and also dares to take risks here. He invests time to help others - at whichever level in the company - and explains them complex matters in a clear and simple way.

Team Spirit Value Award 2017
Aurélie Hristov and Elie Fouche

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