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Dark truffle filling with a pleasant intense cocoa flavor and a touch of salt. Smooth melting profile.


Smooth-melting, confectionery filling with an intense hazelnut taste. With a semi-soft texture and a golden brown color.

Bakestable Hazelnut filling

A firm bakestable nut filling, with a delicious cocoa taste and subtle touch of hazelnut. 3% nut content

Caramel Twist Filling

Caramel filling with sweet taste and pronounced notes of toffee and soft notes of vanilla and condensed milk. 


Hazelnut filling with a fast melting profile and sustainable palm certified. Without hydrogenated fats.


White filling with an outspoken milky and buttery flavor rounded with a vanilla after taste. Contains palm-free non hydrogenated fats and sunflower lecithin.

Gianduja dark

Gianduja dark filling, a combination of intense dark chocolate and perfectly roasted hazelnuts.

  • Melting profile
  • Texture
  • Vegetable fat
    Non Hydro & No Palm

Organic almond praliné with an intense nut flavor. Freshly cracked, medium roasted organic Spanish almonds are ground with caramelized sugar. The result is this smooth, dark-colored delicate praliné.

La Morella

Lauric milk filling with an intense cocoa flavor, starting slightly roasted with a finishing of caramel notes.

Bakestable Hazelnut filling

A soft bakestable nut filling, with a delicious cocoa and intense hazelnut taste. 12.8% nut content

Salted Caramel Sauce

Sweet & Salty caramel filling with notes of toffee, butter and subtle malt.


Dark bake stable filling with 8% chocolate, low in total fat content which makes it a good filling for bakery applications. Without hydrogenated fats.

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