Mini Bonbon Pecan Praliné - Coffee Reduction

Coffee Reduction

Ingredients Preparation
  • 250g
    espresso coffee
  • 50g
  • 50g
    glucose syrup DE 38

Mix in a saucepan

Reduce until 71°Brix or 105°C (221°F).

Texas Origin Pecan Praliné

Ingredients Preparation
  • 50g
  • 35g

Melt together

  • 9g
    0% fat powdered milk
  • 225g
    pecan praliné

Mix together

Crystallise praline two ways:

1/ Melt chocolate and Mycryo® Cocoa Butter together.
Mix milk powder and 70% Texas Origin Pecan Praliné.
Mix the Harmonie Lactée Milk chocolate and 70% Texas Origin Pecan Praliné and use table top method to crystallise.

2/ Melt Harmonie Lactée Milk chocolate and Mycryo® cocoa butter, crystallise.
Mix milk powder and 70% Texas Origin Pecan Praliné.
With paddle attachment, add crystallised chocolate/cocoa butter.
Pour in the praline while mixing.


Spray chocolate shell with coloured cocoa butter.
Mould milk chocolate shell.
Pipe a small amount of coffee reduction at bottom of shell.
Pipe crystallised Texas Origin Pecan Praliné on top. Close shell and unmould.

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