Mini Bonbon Hazelnut Praliné - Yuzu Marmalade

Yuzu marmalade

ingredients preparation
  • 150g

Pierce yuzu and poach yuzu in salt water in order to remove bitterness

  • 15g
  • 2g
    NH pectin

Mix together

  • 70g
    cane sugar
  • 40g
  • 2g
    citric acid solution
  • 5g
    yuzu zest
  • 20g
    yuzu juice

Once yuzu are poached, cut in half, remove heart and seeds. Blend yuzu, sugar, pectin, and all remaining ingredients in Robot Coupe to marmalade consistency

Vacuum seal and poach at 90°C (194°F) in thermocirculator until cooked.

Morella Origin Hazelnuts Praliné

ingredients preparation
  • 50g
  • 35g

Melt together

  • 9g
    0% fat powdered milk
  • 225g


Crystallise hazelnut praline two ways:

1/ Melt Harmonie Lactée Milk Chocolate and Mycryo® Cocoa Butter together. Mix milk powder and Praliné 55% Noisettes Piémont. Mix the chocolate and praliné and use table top method to crystallise.
2/ Melt Harmonie Lactée Milk Chocolate and Mycryo® Cocoa Butter, crystallize. Mix milk powder and Praliné 55% Noisettes Piémont. With paddle attachment, add crystallized chocolate / cocoa butter. Pour in the praliné while mixing.


ingredients preparation

Spray chocolate shell with crystallised coloured cocoa butter.

  • CHM-Q3720

Mould shell with crystallised Harmonie Lactée Milk Chocolate.

Pipe a small amount of yuzu marmalade at bottom of shell.
Pipe crystallised Morella Origin Hazelnuts Praliné on top. Let it set.
Close shell with crystallised Harmonie Lactée Milk Chocolate and unmould.
Advice: you can substitute yuzu by lemon (with the same proportions).

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