Frozen garnish techniques


Created by
  • Julie Sharp - UK & Ireland Head of Chocolate Academy

Ruffle cake

1/ Cake collar
Pipe the chocolate onto a frozen marble and spread out evenly. Place the template on top and then cut to size. Release from the marble and then wrap around the cake.
2/ Ruffles
Pipe the chocolate onto the marble and spread thinly. Release from the marble and fold into ruffle straight away. Arrange around the top of the cake.
Note: When you take the marble out of the freezer for the first time, it may be too cold for the chocolate. If you spread the chocolate on and it will not bend then this is too cold. Allow to warm up slightly.

Frozen nest

Take the frozen marble out of the freezer. Pipe parallel lines of chocolate on to a marble slab, cut of the messy ends. When it is touch dry pull together and roll the chocolate up to form a nest. Place back into the fridge to set. Place on top of your tart.

Frozen bowl

Fill a bowl with water and place into the freezer. Take out of the freezer and pipe a criss cross lattice of chocolate over the top of the bowl. Neaten the edge with a knife. Allow to set and then take off the bowl. Place into the fridge to allow to set. Once set place pipe a base of tempered chocolate and place the bowl on top.

Marbled strawberries

ingredients preparation
  • Q.S.
  • Q.S.

Place some white tempered chocolate into a container. Zizg zag dark chocolate over the top. Dip the strawberry into the chocolate and then twirl as you take it out, to give the spiral effect. Allow to set and then place into the bowl.

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