Gelatin moulding


Created by
  • Julie Sharp - UK & Ireland Head of Chocolate Academy

Gelatin moulding

Ingredients Preparation
  • 500g
  • 750g
  • 625g
  • 150g

Soak the gelatine in cold water, boil the sugar, water and glucose. Add the squeezed out gelatine. Grease the mould and the model/ piece. Attach the model to the base with some plastercine and then slowly pour on the gelatine – avoiding air bubbles. Place into the fridge to set. Release the model from the mould. Allow the mould to come up to room temperature and the fill with tempered chocolate. Allow to set. Release the chocolate from the mould. Brush with metallic powder. Note: as the gelatine contains water this affects the chocolate and causes it to 'bloom' we brush creative powders on top to cover this.

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