A splash of color. Dipped, sprayed, swirled or mixed through and through, we know how to make food color fun. Whether you like bright accents, all-over rainbow or both, there's a food colorant for any application! We believe that some of the best colors are found in nature. That's why many of our food colorants are from natural origin. Made with the brightest natural ingredients, these natural food colorants give you all the color, without compromise.  Moreover, an extensive part of our range is vegan, titanium dioxide free, and/or non-azo. 
Cake pops coated in colored chocolate and decorated with sprinkles

Power Flowers™

Are our easy-to-use food coloring system. The flower-shaped units of highly concentrated colored cocoa butter make it easy to dose and customize the colors you need. Also available as food coloring from natural origin. Create colorful chocolate pralines, add a splash of color to your chocolate tablets, go crazy with multicolored dough and much, much more. Power Flowers™ can color any fat-based recipe, and we even launched an app to guide you to your perfect color!

Colored cocoa butter

Our colored cocoa butters are created for convenience, just warm them in the microwave and you're good to go! Paint, airbrush or drizzle them for a colorful finish to your confectionery creations. Bright and easy, we even have a range of colored cocoa butters from natural origin, E-number free and free from titanium dioxide. 

Mallow cakes dipped in colored cocoa butter
Macarons decorated with glitter powders

Coloring Powders

Create beautiful chocolate truffles and more with our sparkling and colored truffle powders. Their intense color makes them easily applicable to a wide range of creations, such as cakes, desserts, pastries and more. With or without sparkle, these coloring powders are sure to catch your eye!

Velvet Sprays

For luxurious texture on frozen applications, look no further than our velvet sprays! Spray a smooth layer of color on frozen desserts and ice cream creations. Color and velvet texture all in one go!

Dessert with velvet texture
Pralines with a gold spray finish

Glitter Sprays

Go all out with our glitter sprays! Available in a wide range of color and all with a wonderful shiny finish, these glitter sprays are a fancy addition to all kinds of sweet creations! Whether you're finishing a cake, or decorating some chocolate, these sprays will surely make an impact!

Gold and Silver

Sometimes nothing short of real gold or silver is what your creation needs. That's where our 23ct. gold and silver leaves and 23ct. gold and silver flakes come in. Edible gold and silver, nothing more, nothing less.

Thin waffels with an edible gold decoration

Discover Food Colorants

Small Heart Bonbon Cups - Dark Chocolate - 300 pieces
Dark Chocolate Rectangle Cups

The Dark Couverture Chocolate Rectangle Cups (L: 105, W: 30, H: 24mm) are the definition of sophistication. Their simple yet modern shape is adaptable to all flavours and fillings, and will definitely make your desserts stand out.

Dark Chocolate Marie-Charlotte Cups

Low carved Dark Chocolate Cups (D: 53, H: 35mm) with a handcrafted look hold many possibilities for desserts. Fill them with creams, ganache, mousses or even ice creams to create an indulgent delight.

Dark Chocolate Dome

Made with an extra bitter chocolate 64%, Dome makes your dessert an extraodinary chocolate experience. It can be used as a cup, dome or sphere, an infinity of applications is possible. Let seduce your clients with this thin, shiny and smooth shell !

Dark Chocolate Espresso Cups

Our small Dark Chocolate Espresso Cups (L: 56, W: 44, H:21mm) are the perfect base to create decadent finger desserts. Their shape is optimal for dark origin chocolate mousses, coffee creams, and tiramisu or praline crèmes for ultimate richness.

Dark Chocolate Victoria cups

Dark Chocolate Victoria Cups (L: 65, W: 40, H:30mm) are the perfect size for single portion desserts. Fill with ganache, crèmes, mousses or caramels and sprinkle with decorations, fruits, nuts… the possibilities are endless!

Dark Chocolate Mini Tart Cups

Mini Dark Chocolate Cups (L: 45, W: 30, H:13mm) are perfect for “finger-food-desserts’’. Fill with ganache, crèmes, caramels, mousses or fruits... anything goes. 100% made of chocolate, they will enrich your desserts in flavour and are a great idea for large events, allowing you to create variety while saving time. Comes in two different pack sizes: either 90 or 390 pieces.

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