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min. Cocoa

24 % to 50 %

min. Milk

24 % to 24 %



Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips, 2M

Semi-sweet chocoltae chips made with quality ingredients that highlight the flavor of baked applications. 

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Baking Chips 4M

Semi-sweet chocolate chips that are perfect for your everyday baking needs.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips, 1M

Semi-sweet chocolate chips perfect for adding more chocolate intensity into your baked goods. 

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips, 4M

Semi-sweet chocolate chips that are smaller in size and great for bakery applications that require shorter baking times. 

Milk Chocolate Chips, 1M

Milk chocolate chips perfect for your every day baking needs.

White Chocolate Chips, 1M

White chocolate chips perfect for adding more intensity into your baked goods.

White Compound Chip, 1M

White chocolate compound chip for all your baking and confectionary needs.

Breda Chocolate Chunks, 500 ct

Dark chocolate chunk perfect for bakery applications. 

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunks, 650 ct

Semi-sweet dark chocolate chunk perfect for all your baking needs.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunks, 600 ct

Semi-sweet chocolate chunk perfect for bake-stable items.

Dark Chocolate Baking Stick

Dark Chocolate Baking Sticks that are convenient to use and rich in taste

White Chocolate Chunks, 600 ct

White chocolate chunks that are perfect for baked goods with medium to longer baking times. 

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