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Distinct Sugar Free Dark 4000
Sugar free dark chocolate flavored 4,000 ct. chips with maltitol replacing the sugar to maintain the sweet taste of chocolate.
Van Leer Ultimate Milk Compound
No Sugar Added Milk
No sugar added milk chocolate confectionery with erythritol and dietary fibers. Does not contain added soy lecithin.
Van Leer Milk Compound Snaps
Shine white confectionery coating
A classic white chocolate flavored compound
Van Leer Ultimate White Compound
BC Fortipro 20% HP Dark Coating
Well balanced 20% high protein dark compound coating
Van Leer White Compound Snaps
BC Fortipro 20% HP Milk Coating
Well balanced 20% high protein milk compound coating
BC Fortipro 20% HP White Coating
Well balanced 20% high protein white compound coating
BC Diverse Sugar-Free Chocolate
Sugar-free dark flavored compound coating
Vegan milk chocolate alternative

Vegan milk chocolate alternative without added dairy. The milk powder is replaced with rice powder and fibers.

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