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2 mm to 2 mm


28 mm to 82 mm


25 mm to 40 mm



Art Deco Flower

Art Deco Flower plaques (L: 82, W: 32, H: 2.7mm) add a modern edge as well as a sophisticated look to your creations. These decorations offer a wide range of possibilities, and are perfect for spring and Easter.

Triangle Pink Raspberry

The Pink Raspberry Triangle plaques (L: 47,W: 35, H: 2.7mm) have a remarkable shape. The colours and pattern will add a fun element to your creations. This triangle can be used on éclairs, confectionery and pastries. Perfect for Easter and spring time.

Point Green Leaf
Green Leaf Points (L: 47, W: 25mm) are thin and enable you to add a new texture to your creations. These pointed chocolates can be used as decoration for pastries, confectionery and even plated desserts. Perfect for Easter and spring time.
Sunny Flower
Thin Sunny Flower pattern (L: 36, W: 36, H: 2.7mm) on a solid square shape. This decoration can bring an extra dimension to your creations. It also could be used for confectionery, pastries and éclairs. Perfect for Easter and spring time.
Flower Butterflies
Delicately shaped butterflies with a lace design to add texture and brightness to cakes, éclairs, and pastries. They are 28mm in diameter and come in two colours: cream and purple.

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