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Raspberry-flavored truffle mousse

Raspberry-flavored truffle mousse. Made with sustainable palm oil, without hydrogenated fats.

Burnt sweet caramel filling with pieces

Light brown center with an burnt and sweet caramel flavor and crispy waffle pieces

Brownie caramel filling

A delicious dark brown brownie caramel bar filling.

Salty Brownie caramel filling

A dark brown brownie caramel filling with sweet and salty notes.Perfect for ice cream applications.

Natural caramel ripple

A golden brown natural caramel ripple with indulgent burnt and sweet notes.

Cherry ripple filling

A dark red ripple with an intense cherry flavor. Perfect for ice cream applications.

Dark red Strawberry jam filling

A dark red strawberry jam fruit filling with strawberry pieces for a multisensorial experience.

Pecan praliné

Premium pecan praliné with a sweet and intense nut flavor. Freshly-cracked Texas pecan nuts are ground with caramelized sugar to guarantee a praliné with superior taste and rich brown color.

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