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Chocolate pencils & rolls





45 mm to 200 mm



Dark Chocolate Small Pencils
Dress your creations in style. By using these small rolled Dark Chocolate Small Pencils (D: 7, L: 45mm), perfect for portion size cakes, you give them an instant artisanal feel and an indulgent chocolate touch.
  • Diameter
  • Dimensions
    L45 mm
Dark Chocolate Large Pencils
Finely rolled elegant Dark Chocolate Large Pencils (D: 7, L: 100mm). These sticks add texture and flavour to plated desserts, cakes and even ice-cream.
Dark Chocolate X-Large Pencils
Finely rolled Dark Chocolate X-Large Pencils (D: 7, L: 200mm) bring elegance to the forefront of your desserts. Use this Chocolate stick on plated desserts, cakes and even ice creams. The possibilities are endless.
Dark & White Candle

Finely rolled  Dark  Chocolate  pencils (L: 100mm) with White Chocolate strip at top, adds texture and sophistication. This Chocolate candle can be stuck into any stable base on a plated desserts, cake and even in an ice-cream chocolate cup! The possibilities are endless.

Dark Chocolate Chocolattos

Premium Dark Chocolate Chocolattos (L: 107mm) add structure and class to your desserts. Chocolattos differ to pencils as they have a straighter edge and more of a solid structure.

Gold Wands
The gold print design on thin 16 cm delicate dark sticks give a hint of sophistication on cakes and domes.

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