We are #oneBC

Diversity & Inclusion at Barry Callebaut
Diversity & Inclusion at Barry Callebaut

We are #oneBC

Diversity & Inclusion at Barry Callebaut
We are committed to nurturing an inclusive environment where everyone is given the opportunity to learn, fulfill their potential and be at their best.
Diversity & Inclusion

#oneBC is our approach to Diversity & Inclusion

We are #oneBC, united by our strong values, our love for cocoa & chocolate and our passion for growth. And yet we are all different. This is our greatest strength. We thrive on the diversity of who we are, where we come from, what we’ve experienced and how we think.

For diversity to thrive, we are nurturing an inclusive environment where people feel they belong, can be their best self and set not only themself but also others up for success.

For me, D&I means that you are appreciated and accepted unconditionally the way you are. It means that you can bring your unique self to the table and as such contribute to the team efforts.
Masha Vis-Mertens, Chief Human Resources Officer at Barry Callebaut
Diversity Inclusion fundamental Barry Callebaut

Diversity & Inclusion is Fundamental to Barry Callebaut

Barry Callebaut is a growth company. We believe that sustainable growth can only be achieved if we are able to attract, develop and retain diverse talent across the world. #oneBC is all about unleashing the power of our diversity through inclusion in order to win with our people and to keep growing. 

We focus on inclusive leadership, bringing creativity and innovation in all we do to fuel business success whilst building an environment in which all of our people feel they belong. Moving into the second year of implementing #oneBC, our D&I strategy, we started rolling out a global program, focusing on building inclusive leadership capabilities at all levels as a business imperative.

We want to harness and celebrate the huge diversity of talents we have across our company and include everybody on our growth journey.
Peter Boone, Chief Executive Officer of the Barry Callebaut Group
Diversity & Inclusion Masha Mertens Barry Callebaut
Diversity & Inclusion Peter Boone

#oneBC in numbers

#oneBC focuses on actions and behaviors. This includes programs that allow us to further develop as a team and, together, grow our business, as well as time-bound, metricated targets. 

  • 5 continents
  • Over 13,000 employees
  • 2 focused and impactful goals by 2025
  • More progress in gender balance at senior level
  • More diversification in the origin of our talent at senior level
Diversity & Inclusion Barry Callebaut
#oneBC in numbers Africa

In 2021, we set ourselves focused targets to achieve more progress in gender balance at senior level overall and in commercial roles in particular, and more diversification in the origin of our talent at senior level.

We are  proud to report the following progress against our baseline, which confirms that we are on track:

  • 35% women at Director* level, up from 28%
  • 28% women at Director* level in Sales, up from 13%
  • 27% local talent at Director* level from countries of origin and emerging markets, up from 21%

*equivalent to a Sub-Function Head or a Senior Management position, often with direct reports

We continue to monitor our progress and to adjust our goals and actions when appropriate.

oneBC in action Barry Callebaut

#oneBC in action