The Biolands Group

The Biolands Group works directly with farmers and village coordinators to provide training, inputs such as fertilizers, support, and assistance in the production of certified cocoa.

Direct cocoa sourcing model

Biolands applies a bottom-up cooperation model, working with smallholder farmers to ensure fair prices are paid to the farmers and to improve cocoa quality, yields, and farmer livelihoods. This farmer-centric, village-to-port approach enables full traceability for every bag of cocoa. 

Tanzania: Biolands International, 21,400 registered farmers, 66 full-time employees, sourcing about 3,000 tonnes of certified cocoa beans

Côte d’Ivoire: Biopartenaire, 17,000 registered farmers, 100 full-time employees, sourcing about 5,500 tonnes of certified cocoa beans



Supporting farmers and communities

The Biolands Group helps farmers to increase cocoa productivity by providing training on certification requirements and yield enhancement, planting material, tools, fertilizers and crop protection products, and professional pruning and spraying services. Biolands also supports local cocoa communities. In 2014, with funds donated by clients, we built five classrooms in two schools and provided 240 desks and 5,400 books. We helped provide medical insurance for almost 45,000 people. The sustainable trade initiative IDH supports our programs in Côte d’Ivoire.

The Biolands Group helps farmers to increase cocoa productivity

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