Farmer training
For Barry Callebaut, working to ensure a sustainable chocolate and cocoa supply chain is an imperative, not an option. We have a responsibility to all our stakeholders – cocoa farmers, suppliers, customers, consumers, employees, the communities in which we operate, and our shareholders

Cocoa Sustainability

Farmer at work

To address the challenges faced by smallholder cocoa farmers, we have embedded cocoa sustainability in our business strategy. We are active on the ground and we align with our industry peers to improve yields and livelihoods.

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Developing our employees

Employees promotion

We promote talent and create a safe, fair, healthy and inspiring work environment in which our employees can develop.

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Environmental protection


At Barry Callebaut, we work to reduce the environmental impacts from our operations, focusing on energy and carbon.

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HORIZONS cocoa - for a better life

Farmer training

HORIZONS is a chocolate or cocoa product sold by Barry Callebaut which supports our cocoa sustainability activities.

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Direct farmer sourcing

The Biolands Group helps farmers to increase cocoa productivity

Barry Callebaut's Biolands organisation works directly with cocoa farmers to produce certified cocoa and support cocoa communities.

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We aspire to have good corporate governance that develops trust and engagement between Barry Callebaut and its stakeholders. To guide our corporate responsibility, we have built a robust framework of codes and policies.

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Sustainable cocoa products

Certification label

Barry Callebaut offers responsible cocoa products from either certified sources or from its own Cocoa Horizons product offering.

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Working with stakeholders

Barry Callebaut is a member of various industry trade associations that support sustainability activities in the cocoa sector.

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Report covers

Barry Callebaut is committed to reporting transparently on its social and environmental performance. Our latest publication is the Chocolate Sustainability Report 2014/15.

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