Helina Wang at Barry Callebaut

September 10, 2018 Company Information People

Meet Barry Callebaut's employees

Helina Wang, Digital and Brand Marketing Manager China, Hong Hong and Macau, and a passionate globetrotter

Helina Wang has been with Barry Callebaut Shanghai since August 2016. She is in charge of marketing for our Gourmet customers in China, Hongkong and Macau and manages the social media channel of WeChat, a sophisticated digital communication platform. 

We have established WeChat communities to target professional chefs in China, and 5 official accounts have been set up at the beginning of this year by brand including Chocolate Academy. 8 months after the launch we count more than 14,000 followers and almost 1,500 professional chefs in our community groups.

What does Helina enjoy most at her job?

I enjoy working with our Gourmet brands and managing our social media channels which follow Barry Callebaut's strategy and  brand positioning. 


And when Helina is not at work? She loves to travel all over the world, she's interested to discover different countries, cultures and foods.  

Helina Wang Barry Callebaut