Christie Cassagne and her dog, Barry Callebaut

August 27, 2018 Company Information People

Meet Barry Callebaut's employees

Christie Cassagne, a multilingual Management Assistant & Purchaser/Buyer at Barry Callebaut and a dog lover

The best thing about Barry Callebaut is that it’s a global company. I have the opportunity to work with people from all over the world, to share different points of view from different cultures.

Born in Spain, with a Dutch mother and French father, Christie joined Barry Callebaut in 2016. Previously she worked as a Quality Manager in a hotel as well as in customer care in a bank.

Based in Reus in Catalonia at La Morella Nuts, Christie plans events, meetings and assists with sourcing.

The job has its challenges, as Christie explains:

There are so many different elements to the job, but the nice thing is that every day is different and you never do the same job twice.​

When Christie is not at work, you will most likely find her globe-trotting, spending time with her friends and family or volunteering at an animal shelter:

I have a dog, Brownie, and I have been a long- time volunteer in an animal shelter; I do my best to protect unwanted dogs and cats.

Christie Cassagne and her dog in a stroller

Christie and Brownie on a stroll