Beverages - Van Houten Ruby Chocolate Drink Powder - 0.75kg box

Van Houten Ruby Chocolate Drink powder is the world’s first Ruby Chocolate Drink powder. Ruby is the 4th type of chocolate and an entirely unique taste experience that will stimulate your customers’ senses. Neither bitter, milky or sweet. Ruby provides a balance of fresh berry fruitiness and luscious smoothness. Start creating wonderful moments with Ruby Chocolate drink powder today

Key features

  • 인증
    • 코코아 호라이즌 프로그램
  • Sap Code


  • 사용량
    200 ml (70 °C) milk: 35 g



제품 SKU

Order codes
  • VM-54621-V99
    1.60 kg Bag | 10/Box
    Shelf life: na
    Certifications: 코코아 호라이즌 프로그램