Company history
More than 175 years of chocolate heritage

Barry Callebaut Company History

Company history
More than 175 years of chocolate heritage

The Barry Callebaut Group, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, resulted from a merger in 1996 between two iconic chocolate makers, the Belgian Callebaut and the French Cacao Barry. During the past quarter of a century, Barry Callebaut Group became the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products, mastering every step in the value chain from the sourcing of raw materials to the production of the finest chocolates. We are the heart and engine of the chocolate industry and our mission is to be number one in all attractive customer segments. We are a business-to-business company, fully vertically integrated with a strong position in cocoa-origin countries and a unique global footprint.

Some important milestones in the Barry Callebaut Group's history


Peter Feld appointed as CEO at Barry Callebaut
Peter Feld appointed as CEO at Barry Callebaut


Peter Boone - Antoine de St Affrique
The Board of Directors has appointed Peter Boone as new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Barry Callebaut Group, effective September 1, 2021


MONA_LISA_3D_chocolate printing
Mona Lisa 3D Studio’s innovative technology empowers chefs to design unseen and bespoke chocolate creations, made from Belgian chocolate


Barry Callebaut Cacaofruit Experience Innovation 2019
Barry Callebaut unleashes the full power of the cacaofruit in next-gen food & drink category


Ruby chocolate
Launch of the Ruby Chocolate


Tony's Chocolonely chocolate tank
Strategic partnership with Tony’s Chocolonely to produce chocolate from fully traceable cocoa




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