The Famous Belgian Biscuit. Now in a cup

Speculoos is a spiced shortcrust cookie made with Indian spices like cinnamon, ginger and cardamom. Baked until deep brown, caramelised for its sweet taste and crispy crunch. And now as a first: drinkable.

Make cookie-lovers crumble for Speculoos

A vending drink so rich in smooth biscuit notes, you can’t ignore its wholesome character and creamy froth. For a spike in sales all winter long, and a trendy menu all year ‘round. A real original next to speculoos spin-offs like Biscoff spread or cookie butter.

Let customers make hot vending discoveries

Caprimo vending machine cappuccino speculoos branded

Spice up your vending machine with a classic flavour that simply stays fresh. Back with Belgian biscuit deliciousness, Caprimo® Speculoos has got countless opportunities for you machine.

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Caprimo® Speculoos. One flavour. Many combos.

Add a splash of milk, coffee or even hot chocolate. There’s a speculoos drink for everyone. Pick, mix and make your experience extraordinary.


Speculoos - Café Speculoos - Cappuccino Speculoos - Latte Macchiato Speculoos - Mochacccino Speculoos - Hot Chocolate Speculoos


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Caprimo Crème Brûlée captures all the delightful flavours of a caramel crusted dessert in one heavenly drinking experience. Go for a moment of traditional French cuisine and add a rewarding, perfectly balanced indulgence to your vending machine. Mix and match it with your preferred coffee for a wide variety of coffee tastes.

Caprimo Speculoos

The famous Belgian biscuit, now in a delicious dessert drink. Caprimo Speculoos boasts a lovely combination of rich biscuit notes, cinnamon and cream. It's an authentic taste experience with a silky smooth texture and full-bodied taste to tease your taste buds. Mix and match it with your preferred coffee for a wide variety of coffee tastes.