Forever Chocolate
Progress Report 2019/20

Progress on the Forever Chocolate strategy

In 2016, Barry Callebaut launched its holistic sustainability strategy, Forever Chocolate, in order to make sustainable chocolate the norm. This past year, we sold 37% of our cocoa and chocolate products, sustainably. We also transitioned our global gourmet brands to sustainably sourced cocoa, cocoa mass or ingredients. 

See how we are scaling impact on the ground and driving change in the cocoa and chocolate value chain.

Little girl from cocoa farming community
Forever Chocolate

Forever Chocolate Progress Report 2019/20

Achieving impact in unprecedented times through
groundbreaking innovations and game-changing partnerships

Cocoa farmers with bag of cocoa beans

Be part of the movement

To achieve a sustainable cocoa supply chain and secure the future of chocolate, we all need to work together. Join us on the journey to invest in Productivity, Community, and the Environment with the Cocoa Horizons Foundation, or via other sustainability certifications. 

Be part of the movement and enhance your sustainable brand messaging to meet your consumer needs.