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Chocolate couvertures

Catégorie produit

% min. de cacao sec solide

22 % to 70 %



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Chocolate couvertures - Trinea - drops - 5 kg bag

Chocolate with classic organoleptic properties. Due to its high cocoa butter content it creates a pleasant fusion in the mouth.

Chocolate couvertures - Aracas - drops - 5 kg bag

Balanced chocolate that offers a smooth fusion.

Chocolate couvertures - Tobado - drops - 5 kg bag

Chocolate with a mild cocoa flavour. The fusion in the mouth brings about a sweet-bitter balance.

Chocolate couvertures - Quador - drops - 5 kg bag

Chocolate with a mild cocoa flavour. Special chocolate for moulding figures.

Chocolate couvertures - Yagara - drops - 5 kg bag

Dark chocolate with an ideal cocoa-sugar balance, very useful for all kinds of fillings.


The classic milk chocolate. A fine balance of milk and chocolate flavours.

Ideal milk chocolate for pastry applications.

Chocolate couvertures - Istak - drops - 5 kg bag

White chocolate, less sweet and creamy.

Chocolate couvertures - Cori - drops 2200/kg - 5 kg bag

Dark chocolate, ideal for oven-baked products.

Dark chocolate drops bakestable. 7500drops/kg

Chocolate couvertures - Jamaita - drops 9000/kg - 5 kg bag

Highly viscous sweet chocolate, ideal for baking applications, 900 drops /kg (aprox), made with reduced sugars.

Chocolate couvertures - Andina - drops - 5 kg bag

White chocolate, confectionery product, ideal for oven-baked products.

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