About Van Leer

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About Van Leer

Van Leer Chocolates. Supporting Everyday Inspirations.

Fellow chocolate lovers,

It is with one voice that we are proud to present a refined and reinforced Van Leer. A new era for a chocolate ingredient brand created in 1949 that has played an important part in the narrative of the North American food industry.

We spent a year assessing Van Leer’s strengths and reframing our values to better adapt them to new market circumstances and opportunities. This collective work allows us to provide you with an updated and compelling story with a clear and distinctive voice. With a clear positioning, a new logo and a set of tools and services, we were also able to rethink our product offering to fully complement the Barry Callebaut Gourmet house of brands and make Van Leer a strong asset within the family.

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Welcome to our website, a place to discover all you need to know about Van Leer. It is here that we unveil the North American line of chocolate and cocoa-based solutions designed to meet the needs of all segments of your business. An all-American idea of simplicity and quality that continues to build trust with bakeries, confectioners, ice cream, and beverage makers.

We look forward to sharing this journey with you as you discover the new Van Leer.

Van Leer Chocolates. Supporting Everyday Inspirations.

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Van Leer’s traditional range of products includes:

  • Couvertures & Chocolates

  • Compounds & Coatings

  • Chips, Chunks & Inclusions

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