Excellence Award Winners 2015

The Excellence Award recognizes managers and their teams who are willing to go the extra mile, who are putting all their passion into their work and, thus, have made a positive impact on the company in the past fiscal year. The Awards are given for each of Barry Callebaut's five company values: customer focus, passion, entrepreneurship, team spirit and integrity.

Following the tradition, the Excellence Award winners 2015 were announced during Barry Callebaut's yearly Managers' Conference end of September. They were handed over by the former company's CEO, Juergen Steinemann, and Chairman, Andreas Jacobs. 

They congratulated personally to the following winners:

Excellence Award, Customer Focus

... for Customer Focus

Dave Mitchell

VP FM Regional Accounts Americas

For winning new customers, for building a strong team and delivering on customer needs, leading to record volume and EBIT performance.

Dave Mitchell, Excellence Award winner 2015
Dave Mitchell
Excellence Award, Passion

... for Passion

Stijn Vermeulen

Corporate Director Master Data
For leading his team with passion so it is able to deliver against the changing expectations of the organization. He and his team go way beyond their core tasks.

Stijn Vermeulen, Excellence Award winner 2015
Stijn Vermeulen
Excellence Award, Entrepreneurship

... for Entrepreneurship

Nathalie Garrigue

General Manager la Morella nuts
For speeding up the integration of la Morella nuts and for tripling the specialty business’ EBIT, allowing us to exceed the business plan. 

Nathalie Garrigue, Excellence Award winner 2015
Nathalie Garrigue
 Excellence Award, Integrity

... for Integrity

Andres Tschannen 

Country Manager, Cocoa Horizons/BioPartenaire, Côte d’Ivoire 
For managing staff in remote locations with efficiency and compassion, generating a very high level of loyalty. For representing our company with farmers, customers, donors, NGOs and at government level. And for supporting innovations such as mobile phone banking or farmer medical health insurance.

Andres Tschannen, Excellence Award winner 2015
Andres Tschannen
Excellence Award, Team Spirit

... for Team Spirit

Chuan Lu Ong

Manager Commercial & Risk Management Cocoa Asia Pacific
For never giving up even when the challenge looks enormous. For inspiring others to do the right things, for building trust and performing with the big picture in mind.

Chuan Lu Ong, Excellence Award winner 2015
Chuan Lu Ong

Excellence Award Winners 2015

The Excellence Award winners 2015
The Excellence Award winners 2015, from left: Andres Tschannen, Stijn Vermeulen, Nathalie Garrigue, Dave Mitchell and Chuan Lu Ong.