Why caramel keeps riding high

Did you know millennials absolutely love classic and nostalgic flavours with an upscale twist?

Why caramel keeps riding high

Caramel has a long-standing history of comfort and nostalgia. With its deliciously rich notes of toffee, butter and an exciting dash of salt, it’s a creamy crowd favourite ready to please both young and older generations of hot drink lovers.

Meltingly good taste takes your offer up high


Over the last 5 years, there has been a steady, 155% rise of new product launches with caramel or salted caramel as their main product flavour. This boom is part of a significant trend that’s bringing exciting opportunities for food manufacturers and vending operators all around the globe. In the UK alone, the caramel ingredients market is expected to grow by 7% before 2021!

Addictive like a drug It’s in the science!

Are you just being greedy or is there a scientific reason why (salted) caramel is so incredibly tempting? According to a recent study, there’s a clear explanation for our cravings. The University of Florida tested 150 lucky participants and found that eating something sweet, salty or fatty, makes the brain release herion-like chemicals called endogenous opiods. And guess what: caramel is all three of them!

 Cappuccino Caramel

Top your vending offer with deliciously caramelly dessert drinks

With Caprimo’s pleasure drinks you can treat customers to everything from an intense caramel cappuccino taste to crème brûlée flavours.

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