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Caprimo Cappuccino

Caprimo Cappuccino delivers the perfect balance between the strong taste of coffee and the round taste of cocoa. It's the preferred reference in Europe for all types of customers. And its popularity is also due to its excellent machine functionality.

Caprimo Irish Cappuccino

Caprimo Irish Cappuccino is a classic after dinner drink enjoyed all over the world. Inspired by the original, Caprimo developed a well-balanced drink combining the creaminess of milk powder, sweetness of sugar and an extra kick of Irish Cream flavour.

Caprimo Cappuccino Choco Mint

Cappuccino Choco Mint is pure indulgence of coffee and chocolate with a dash of mint to give a refreshing feeling. Thanks to its fresh taste, the consumers are sure to keep pressing the button more than once a day.

Caprimo Cappuccino Caramel

The sweet taste of caramel and its appealing creaminess lends itself perfectly to cappuccino style creating a luscious and satisfying hot beverage. Smooth and balanced, warm and relaxing: that's Caprimo Cappuccino Caramel!

Caprimo Cappuccino Vanille Less Sugars

Vanilla-flavoured, instant cappuccino that’s a treat for the taste buds. Rich, flavourful and with 30% less sugars, it will revitalise the hot drinks menu in your vending machine. Heavenly bliss from the first to last sip

Cappuccino Noisette Less sugars

Rich and creamy instant cappuccino enriched with the enticing aroma of hazelnut. An exquisitely flavoured, hot vending-machine drink with 30% less sugar. Sure to satisfy the cravings of any cappuccino lover.


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