Evocao™: Lemon grass-lime-cardamom


Created by
  • Ramon Morato - Global Creative Innovation Leader for the Cacao Barry® brand

Lemon grass ganache

ingredients preparation
  • 250g
    Lemon grass infused water
  • 7g
    Soy protein
  • 180g
    Invert sugar (tremolina type)
  • 200g
    glucose syrup DE 44
  • 160g
  • 3g
  • 700g
  • 450g
    Be Better™ (Vegetable butter substitute)*
  • 25g
    cocoa butter

1. Make a hot infusion of 300 grams of water and 60 grams of lemon grass, filter after 4 minutes. 
2. Weigh 340 g of infusion, cool, add the soy protein, pass through the blender and dissolve the sugars and salt in the infusion.
3. Pour over the melted couverture at around 40ºC and emulsify.
4. Lastly add the melted milk fat and cocoa butter at about 40ºC.
5. Emulsify correctly and pre-crystallize at 30/32ºC.

Gelled lime and cardamom interior

ingredients preparation
  • 1000g
    lime juice
  • 8g
    Yellow Pectin
  • 70g
    saccharose sugar
  • 140g
    glucose syrup DE 44
  • 840g
  • 3g
    lime zest
  • 3g
    Ground cardamom

1. Heat the juice with the pectin and sugar.
2. Add the rest of the sugars.
3. Cook until 70/75º Brix.
4. Set aside until needed.
5. Strain through a coarse sieve to break up the gel structure before using and add the zest and cardamom.

Dark chocolate couverture

ingredients preparation
  • 500g
  • 500g
    cocoa butter

Melt and mix the two ingredients, set aside.



1. Pre-crystallize the chocolate couverture and, using a spray gun, apply a light coat to the "Cacaofruit Convex-Evocao™" chocolate moulds.
2. Then pre-crystallize Evocao™ WholeFruit Chocolate and line the bonbon moulds.
3. Pour a small amount of gel into the bottom of the moulds, and then the truffle when the temperature is about 30/32ºC.
4. Allow to crystallize for a few hours and cover the base with Evocao™ WholeFruit Chocolate
5. Remove from the moulds and store.

*Be Better™ is a vegetable-based butter substitute designed and optimized for use in bakery products.

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