Slow baked belgian chocolate and fraise pave


Created by
  • Vikas Vibhuti - Callebaut India Ambassador


Ingredients Preparation
  • 640g
  • 440g
  • 390g
    caster sugar
  • 270g
  • 1piece(s)
    vanilla bean
  • 3g
  • 8piece(s)
    whole eggs
  • 3piece(s)
    egg yolks
  • 50g
    freeze-dried strawberry pieces

Gently whisk the eggs and yolk together n strain and keep aside
Soften the butter and keep aside at room temperature
Pre heat the oven at 150*C
Keep the baine maire set up ready        


Boil the Water, vanilla bean, salt and sugar until sugar dissolves

Strain the hot syrup and pour over the chopped Callebaut 70-30-38/811, let it rest for some time and then gently stir to mix.
You would end up with a smooth ganache

Once the mixture reaches 45*C, add the egg mix and fold to get a smooth and shiny batter
Add the softened butter and freeze dried strawberry, fold evenly

Pour the mixture into the desired mould or silpat
Bake in a Baine Marie @150*C FOR 25- 30 min, monitor the baking time according to the mould size
Once baked let it cool and then keep it in the freezer at -18*C

Velvety red chocolate spray

Ingredients Preparation
  • 300g
  • 200g
  • 5g
    fat soluble red colouring

Melt the chocolate and cocoa butter together, Keep it at 50*C
Add the red fat soluble color and blend, strain
Spray a thin and even velvet coat on the frozen pave, Cocoa butter mix should be at 45*C while spraying and the pave should be at -20*C
Garnish it with chocolate decoration and serve with a quenelle of hazelnut ice cream

Enjoy your sinful silken dark chocolate indulgence with Callebaut!


Chef Vikas Vibhuti                        

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