White chocolate and peach trifle


Created by
  • Beverley Dunkley - Technical Advisor, Chocolate Academy™ Center, UK

Peach and lemon verbena compote

Ingredients Preparation
  • 2piece(s)
  • 50ml
    orange juice
  • 50ml
    stock syrup
  • g
    fresh chopped lemon verbena

Puree together. Strain through a muslin cloth to obtain a clear liquid.

  • 2piece(s)

Cut into even dice. Fold through the peach coulis

Peach wine jelly

Ingredients Preparation
  • 100ml
    stock syrup

Bring to the boil and cool slightly.

  • 1leaf/leaves

Soften in cold water and add. 

  • 35ml
    white wine
  • 35ml
    Archers peach schnapps


White chocolate and vanilla cream

Ingredients Preparation
  • 70g
    double cream (48%)
  • 1/2pod(s)

Combine and bring to the boil.

  • 125g

Add and emulsify. Leave to set overnight. Whisk gently to required thickness. (Careful, as this cream will overwhip quite easily.)

Peach sorbet

Ingredients Preparation
  • 70g

Weigh in Thermomix bowl and grind for 5 seconds at speed 10.

  • 500g
    frozen peaches

Add and crush at speed 6 until semi-smooth.

  • 20g
    stock syrup

Add and churn for 1 min. at speed 9, stirring vigorously with the Thermomix spatula until smooth

Finishing and presentation

- Place the peach wine jelly into the base of a Martini® glass and add small dice of peach. Allow to set.

- Pipe a thin layer of white chocolate cream on top.

- Place a layer of peach compote on top of the white chocolate cream.

- Finish with white chocolate cream. Smoothen the surface.

- Garnish with a scoop of peach sorbet.

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