Chocolate marshmallow

Intense cocoa flavour meets soft and mellow texture. That is the great thing about chocolate: getting the opportunity to be creative and amaze over and over again. Re-invent classics and push the boundaries to new sensations.


Created by
  • Luis Robledo - Chef/Owner, Tout Chocolat, Mexico

Chocolate marshmallow

Ingredients Preparation
  • 58g
    gelatin leaves
  • 230g

Soak the gelatine in the water.

  • 305g
  • 400g
    Power 80
  • 100g
    Cocoa mass

Add to previous mixture.

  • 685g
  • 214g
  • 290g

Mix in a casserole and boil.
Pour over the chocolate mix and start whipping with the whisk.
Once the mix reaches 34º C pour into 2 cm frames and freeze.
Cut into 2 cm stripes using the guitar cutter and roll in a mix of cocoa powder and corn starch.

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