Dark sugar free chocolate mousse based on ganache

If you’re looking for a slightly denser dark chocolate mousse for your patisserie or desserts, then this recipe, based on a ganache, is your go-to choice. It yields a dark chocolate mousse that has a well-aerated texture and a very intense chocolate taste. Furthermore, it's perfect for forming scoops or quenelles. For the perfect end result our chefs recommend using a Finest Belgian Chocolate or a Single Origin dark chocolate to your taste – Single Origin chocolate will bring out more aromatic flavour notes. But always pick the standard fluidity, indicated with 3drops on the packaging.

Dark chocolate mousse based on ganache sugar free

ingredients preparation
  • 189g
    3.6% full cream milk
  • 23g

Boil together.

  • 235g

Pour boiling mixture onto the chocolate and emulsify.

  • 303g
    35% cream

Whip up and add to the previous mixture when its temperature is at 35°C.

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