Dark lactose free chocolate bavarois

Bavarois (also bavarian cream or crème bavaroise) is a delicate French chocolate dessert with a creamy, aerated texture. This recipe yields a bavarois with a deep, dark colour and an intense chocolate taste – deliciously light and an absolute favourite on the dessert menu. For the perfect end result our chefs recommend using Finest Belgian Chocolate or a Single Origin chocolate – if you're more into explicit and aromatic flavour nuances – with standard fluidity, indicated with 3drops on the packaging.

Dark chocolate bavarois

ingredients preparation
  • 188g
    3,5% lactose free milk
  • 47g
    egg yolks
  • 31g
  • 312g
  • 422g
    36% cream lactose free

Boil milk. Beat egg yolks and glucose until white and creamy. Add milk to the egg yolk mixture little by liittle. Mix well and poach the whole at 82°C.

Pour previous mixture through a sieve onto the chocolate, leave to melt and emulsify.

Whip up the lactose free cream and add when previous mixture is at 30°C.

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