Almond and poppy seed cake

Growing up in communist Poland, Bartlomiej Járzyna didn't have any choice of ingredients when he helped his dad in the family pastry shop. The wide range of flavours available today made him vow to not ever compromise when spoiling his fans in Poland with great taste. In this cake he pairs poppy seeds with almond and hazelnut flavours and white chocolate. Enjoy!


Created by
  • Bartłomiej Jarzyna - Pastry Chef at Cukiernia Jarzyna – Warsaw, Poland

Poppy seed mass

Ingredients Preparation
  • 1750g
    poppy seed
  • Q.S.

Cook slowly for 2.5 hours, strain and leave to cool. Then grind very well.

  • 900g
    caster sugar

Add and grind. 

  • 200g
  • 700g

Mix together and add 

  • 250g

Mix and add. 

  • 10g
    almond essence
  • 10g
    vanilla sugar
  • 750ml
    egg white

Add and mix in well. 

Poppy seed crunch

Ingredients Preparation
  • 160g
    egg white
  • 40g
    Boiron candied orange zest

Mix together with 320g of the poppy mass.Then pour into 4 14-cm cake rings and bake at 180°C for 10 minutes.

Crispy layer

Ingredients Preparation
  • 43g
  • 87g
  • 64g

Melt chocolate. Mix together and add. Pour into 2 14-cm cake rings and leave to cool.

Almond mousse

Ingredients Preparation
  • 200g

Bring to a boil. 

  • 6g
  • Q.S.

Soak and add to boiling cream. 

  • 280g
  • 100g

Mix into previous mixture. 

  • 360g

Whip and genty fold into previous mixture. 

White chocolate glaze

Ingredients Preparation
  • 320g
  • 640g
    caster sugar
  • 640g
    glucose syrup

Mix together and heat up to 105°C.

  • 340g
    gelatin mass
  • 425g
    condensed milk
  • 620g

Put into high recipient, add boiling mixture to it and homogenise

with stick blender. Leave to rest in a refrigerator for 24 hours

and apply at 35°C.

Finishing and assembly:

Take a 16-cm cake ring, place a 14-cm ring of poppy seed crunch on the bottom and a 14-cm ring of crispy layer on top.

Cover with a layer of almond mousse and place a second 14-cm ring of poppy seed crunch on top. Cover with another

layer of almond mousse and freeze. Unmould and cover with white chocolate glaze. Decorate to the taste with gold

powder-covered poppy seeds, nuts and decorations.

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