Dark chocolate pastry cream

Dark chocolate pastry cream (or crème pâtissière) is like the richest, creamiest pudding you can imagine – meant as a filling for cakes, tarts and pastries such as cream puffs, cupcakes or éclairs. Based on Finest Belgian Dark Chocolate with standard three-drop fluidity (💧💧💧) this easy recipe yields a delicious dark chocolate pastry cream with an intense chocolate flavour – perfect for turning your gourmet pastries into an incredible chocolate indulgence. Alternatively, you could also use the Single Origin chocolates, for more acidic and aromatic flavour notes or to create unique pairings with fruits, spices, coffees and teas, or other ingredients.


Created by
  • Callebaut® CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Belgium -

Dark chocolate pastry cream

Ingredients Preparation
  • 88g
    caster sugar
  • 127g
    egg yolks


  • 16g
    corn starch
Mix in.
  • 636g
    whole milk

Bring to a boil and temper the egg yolk mixture with it. Bring the whole to a boil again.

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