Corn Potage Bonbons


Corn Potage Ganache (3.5g per ball)

ingredients preparation
  • 400g
    corn paste
  • 100g
    35% cream
  • 100g
  • 4g
  • 6g
  • 2g
    black pepper
  • 20g
    invert sugar

Put in a pan and heat while whisking. 

  • 600g
  • 100g

Add the Zéphyr chocolate, whisk, throw in the butter when it cools to 32℃, and emulsify in a hand blender.

Vegetable and Fruit Juice Gelatin (3g per Ball)

ingredients preparation
  • 200g
    blended carrot juice
  • 100g
    apple juice
  • 50g
    tomato juice
  • 50g
    orange juice
  • 40g
    thickening agent

Combine and mix at room temperature with a hand blender.

  • 40g
  • 12g
    ina agar

Add sake (NanbuBijin, special sake made without added alcohol or sugar) and Ina agar F to a pan, boil and combine with the previous mixture in the hand blender to finish preparing the gelatin.

Finishing Touches

Put the corn potage ganache in a pastry bag and squeeze 3.5g into each prepared white chocolate ball.
On top of the ganache, squeeze on 3g of the vegetable and fruit juice gelatin. Let sit in the refrigerator for 24 hours and then put the lid on the chocolate balls with tempered Zephyr.
Draw lines on the surface with the tempered Zéphyr, place 3 grains of corn colored with Cacao Barry (6 parts of Zéphyr chocolate) on top, paint on orange lamé with a brush, and decorate with dry parsley.

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