Crunchy Hazelnut Truffle

A crunchy and sweet nutty truffle to satisfy that sweet tooth!


To Temper Your Praline

Shells & Decoratioin

Hazelnut Truffle

  1. Caramelize the sugar with the water.
  2. Toast whole hazelnuts in the oven for approximately 15 minutes at 160°C/320°F. Set aside a handful of hazelnuts.
  3. Pour the caramel over toasted hazelnuts and let cool.
  4. Create chocolate shell in mold by tempering 400 grams of dark chocolate and piping into mold.
  5. Sprinkle some sea salt inside the shell when chocolate is not 100% set.
  6. Create praline by blending together caramelized hazelnuts.
  7. To temper praline, simply add melted milk chocolate and cocoa butter 45°C to praline.
  8. Temper it to 23°C.
  9. Fill chocolate shell with praline until about 3/4 full.
  10. Gently press whole toasted hazelnut in center of praline in mold. Let it set briefly.
  11. Put two molds together tightly so sphere is formed.
  12. Demold after a few minutes in the fridge.
  13. Dip gloved fingers in bowl of tempered dark chocolate and place in palm.
  14. Roll sphere in palm of dark chocolate.
  15. Drop chocolate coated ball in cocoa powder for coating. Let set.

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