Chocolatte banqueting desserts

Tiramisu espresso

ingredients preparation
  • 500g
  • 87g
    caster sugar
  • 30g
  • 75g
    egg yolks

Half whip the cream with vanilla extract and reserve cold.
Make a syrup with sugar and water and cook 120°C.
Wisk egg Yolks in a kitchen aid and slowly pour sugar syrup into egg yolks while mixing in high speed.
Whip to triple volume to make Pate a Bombe.

  • 500g
  • 4pod(s)
    Madagascar vanilla

Then add mascarpone and whip.

  • 250g
    Callebaut® White Chocolate Velvet

Add with a spatula the White chocolate Velvet melted at 45°C.
Then add the half whipped cream. Cool mixture in the chiller in order to be pipable

  • Callebaut® cocoa powder (CP-E0-776)

To dust

  • CHM-BS-19848E0

To decorate

  • CHD-CM-19839E0

To pipe into

Combine with the whipped Mascarpone Pipe the crème into the Mona Lisa® Dark Chocolate Espresso Cups Dust with Callebaut® cocoa powder and decorate with Mona Lisa Milk blossoms

Pistachio snobinettes

ingredients preparation
  • 240g
    Callebaut® Pure Pistachio Paste (NPO-PI1-T62)
  • 200g
    Callebaut® White Chocolate Velvet

Melt the white chocolate Velvet Mix in with the pure pistachio paste and temper

  • 60g
    Persian pistachio powder

To dust

  • CHD-CV-19927E0

To fill the pistachio filling

Pipe the crème into the snobinettes.
Dust with powdered pistachio powder.

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