Chestnut Cara Crakine™ Bonbons


Created by
  • Martin Diez - Director, Chef Services Americas, Chocolate Academy™ Center, Chicago
  • Philippe Bertrand - Director of Barry Callebaut CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ France, MOF Chocolatier-Confiseur

Chestnut almond paste

ingredients preparation
  • 140g
    almond paste 50%
  • 105g
    chestnut puree

Mix together

Pipe into 3 cm half spheres, halfway full.
Allow to set.

Pipe into 1.2 in / 3 cm half spheres, halfway full.
Allow to set.

Cara Crakine™ insert

ingredients preparation
  • 50g

Crystallised at 45°C

  • 180g

Mix with

Add to half filled moulds.
Seal moulds with crystallised chocolate.

Intérieur Cara Crakine™

ingredients preparation
  • 50g

Faire fondre à 45°C

  • 180g

Mélanger avec

Tabler à 24°C.
Garnir les moules demi-sphère.
Obturer les moules.

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