Created by
  • Diego Lozano - Brazilian finalist at World Chocolate Masters 2015, works at Escola de Confeitaria Diego Lozano

Evocao™ and Cauchaça ganache

Ingredients Preparation
  • 226g
    cream 35% fat
  • 38g
  • 628g
    Evocao™ WholeFruit Chocolate
  • 21g
    Mycryo™ Cocoa Butter
  • 87g

Heat the cream with sorbitol to 35º C. Reserve.
Melt the chocolate at 35º C. Reserve.
Melt the mycryo at 35°C. Reserve.
Add all ingredients in a food processor and grind for 2 minutes.
Check that the emulsion is complete and place on a frame (1.2 mm). 
Keep at room temperature 16°C for 24 hours. 


Cut with a guitar (2,5 x 2,5) and cover with tempered Evocao™.
Decorate with gold powder on top.

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