Sao Thomé Chocolate Gelato

Combine the intense dark taste of Sao Thomé Origin chocolate its abundance of cocoa and hints of yellow and red fruits with the fresh touch of passion fruit. It’s perfect if you want to spoil your customers with a unique, fruity chocolate taste sensation that ups your gelato offer. This authentic Italian ice cream also pairs perfectly with almond, passion fruit, Sichuan pepper, walnut and blue mountain coffee.

Great Pairings with Sao Thomé

Sichuan Pepper I Thyme I Cardamom I Bilberry I

Lime I Passion Fruit I Orange I Banana I Lemon I

Grappa I Cuberdon I Caramel I Walnuts I Balsamic

Vinegar I Brazil-Papua NG-Guatemala Coffee I Blue Mountain Coffee


Created by
  • Fabrizio Di Marzio -

Sao Thomé Chocolate Gelato

Ingredients Preparation
  • 1bag(s)
  • 1800g
    hot water (70°-85°)
  • 800g
    passion fruit purée
  • 800g

Mix together with immersion blender for ± 2 mins.
For a better structure, leave to rest in refrigerator (3-5°C)
for ± 30 mins.
Pour into batch freezer and start churning.
Leave to rest in batch freezer for a few mins.
Mix in Callebaut Crispearls Dark and dried raspberries.
Finish with roughly broken pieces of ruby RB1 chocolate.
Sprinkle with Callebaut Crispearls Dark, dried raspberries and gold leaf.
Yield: 4 kg (± 4.5 L) of gelato ready to serve.

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