Cocoa nibs disc

ingredients preparation
  • 90g
    caster sugar
  • 3g
    NH pectin

Sieve together.

  • 30g
  • 75g
    melted butter
  • 30g
  • 90g
    Callebaut® Cocoa Nibs (NIBS-S502-X47)

Add and mix together. Bring to a boil.
Put on a tray and bake at 180°C for 15 min.
Let cool and cut 3 and 5 cm diameter discs. Avoid moisture.

Almond moelleux

ingredients preparation
  • 45g
    almond powder
  • 30g
    powdered sugar
  • 20g
    egg yolks
  • 20g

Beat with a whisk until white.

  • 30g
    egg whites
  • 15g
    caster sugar

Whip. Add previous mixture.

  • 10g
    All purpose flour

Sieve. Add little by little.

  • 15g
    brown sugar


Put in a 30x30 cm frame and bake at 180°C for 12 min.

Caramel mousse

ingredients preparation
  • 100g

Boil in a pan.

  • 390g
    Cacao Barry White Chocolate Zéphyr™ 34% (CHW-N34ZEPH-126)

Add and mix.
Let cool to 35°C.

  • 505g
    whipped cream 35%

Add and cool in fridge.

Apricot mix

ingredients preparation
  • 200g
    stir-fried apricot halves
  • 150g
    Diced dried apricot
  • 50g
    Callebaut® Medium Roasted Hazelnut Pieces (NUN-PI-HA213-U11)
  • 50g
    crushed chopped almonds
  • 60g
    neutral gel
  • 1zest

Mix together.

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