Ocoa™ Sour Dough Ice Cream


Created by
  • Jordi Roca - Pastry chef restaurant El Celler de Can Roca (3 michelin stars)

Ocoa™ Sour Dough Ice Cream

ingredients preparation
  • 432g
  • 520g
  • 152g
  • 404g

Heat in a saucepan to 40ºC.

  • 60g
  • 12g
  • 80g
    powdered milk
  • 60g
    invert sugar

Add stirring conitinuously

Heat to 85ºC.

  • 100g

Remove from heat, add

Quickly chill to 4ºC

  • 100g
  • 80g
    freeze-dried sourdough

Mix in a blender and run through the ice cream maker

Keep at -18ºC.

Cocoa pulp

ingredients preparation
  • 200g
    cocoa pulp
  • 2g

Mix in a saucepan

Bring to a boil, stirring continuously.
Chill and mash until obtaining a smooth and creamy consistency.

Balsamic meringue

ingredients preparation
  • 100g
  • 60g
    egg white
  • 15g
    balsamic vinegar

Mix together in a bowl

Heat in a bain marie to 65ºC until the sugar dissolves.
Beat until peaks form and pipe little peaks of meringue in a Silpat.
Let dry in the oven at a low temperature, around 50ºC for about 6 hours.

Other ingredients

In a deep dish, place a drop of the cocoa pulp, the Chocolate Drops 50% and the fresh litchis on top.
Make a scoop of sourdough ice cream and Ocoa™ dark chocolate couverture 70%. Dip in a bowl of whipped cream and then dip in the balsamic meringue so that they blend together. Serve the scoop on top of the litchis.
Serve the dessert in a dish that resembles resting bread dough.

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