Ruby Mendiants

How about creating more variation in the shop counter with this easy mendicant recipe? This match between ruby chocolate and nuts and candied fruits will appeal to a new generations of chocolate lovers that’s completely into natural flavours and sparkling colours. It’s a variation on the classic mendicant, playing with more fruity and surprising flavours and ingredients. And honestly, this recipe is done in no time!


Created by
  • Ryan Stevenson - Baker, Paddock Bakery

Ruby Mendiats

Ingredients Preparation
  • 1000g

Temper the chocolate.    
Pipe into disc-shaped moulds (±4 cm Ø) or in drop shapes straight onto a plastic sheet. 

  • 500g
    roasted whole nuts (e.g. pistachios, pecans, hazelnuts)
  • 200g
    candied orange peel (cut in ± 1 cm strips)

Immediately place onto the chocolate when it’s still wet.


you can also use a combination of dried or  candied fruits, such as apricot, raspberry, etc…

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