Ruby Chocolate Sponge


Created by
  • Patrick Aubrion - Chef and owner of chocolaterie/pâtisserie Aubrion Chocolates

Ruby Chocolate Bar

Ingredients Preparation
  • 250g

Pre-crystallise at 29°C. Mould bars.

  • 75g
    candied raspberry pieces XS

Add in before chocolate is completely crystallised.

Aerated ruby Chocolate

Ingredients Preparation
  • 250g

Melt at 45°C.

  • 25g
    rapeseed oil

Mix in.

Pre-crystallise up to 30°C.
Pour into iSi whipper. Use 2 iSi cream chargers.
Shake whipper and pipe on top of raspberry fruit pieces into moulded bars.
Put moulds into vacuum packaging machine for 8 sec. Shut down.
Leave machine closed for 2 hrs until chocolate is crystallised.
Get out moulds, slice off top. Unmould.

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