White chocolate glaze

A shiny white glaze made with real chocolate? This recipe makes it work. It yields the perfect silky chocolate glaze with a profound creamy-white colour and a milky, sweet taste. Before applying the glaze: heat it to 35°C and then spread out onto frozen pastry. The temperature shock will create the right gloss and the perfect thickness of the coating. What's more: with this recipe, the glaze has the perfect consistency, so it won't run off and is easy to cut. To achieve the perfect end result, our chefs recommend using Finest Belgian Chocolate recipe n° W2 with standard fluidity, indicated with 💧💧💧 on the packaging.


Created by
  • Callebaut® CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Belgium -

White chocolate glaze

Ingredients Preparation
  • 106g
  • 213g
    caster sugar
  • 213g
    glucose syrup DE 40
Mix together and heat up to 105°C.
  • 213g
  • 142g
    sweetened concentrated milk
  • 113g
    gelatin mass
Pour boiling mixture on to and emulsify with a stick blender. Leave to rest for 24 hours and apply at 30°C.

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